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The Importance of Network Security

Overview of network security:

Network security is the preventive measures that are taken by the company to protect its data from breaches, scammers, and hackers. Today’s internet is accumulated with hackers, who always try to hack the confidential information of the top IT companies of Delhi. To prevent the data from them, we have to secure our network. 


The rapid increase in technologies like smartphones, computers, and wireless networks has completely changed the feature of network security. The fraudulent attacks on the small, mid, and large companies have reported that using open networks have no immunity for intrusions. 


Many companies are still using traditional ways to protect their data like installing firewalls and antivirus. And they are proven as the least ineffective network security systems. To detect the new intruders and protect computing applications and data from them, it is advisable to opt for wireless networks. 


Network security is sometimes more than what people think about it like malware, trojans, and hackers. It has been found that network security can be caused by human errors. An inexperienced computer engineer can also make mistakes and cause problems in network security. 


Categories of security threats:

The security threat is classified into four parts that we have mentioned below-


Unstructured threats: This type of threat is caused by a novice or inexperienced person who tries to gain network access, like hacking passwords, shell scripts, and sending viruses via email. Advanced technology-based network security tools are effective in preventing your data from this kind of threat. 


Structured Threats: Unlike unstructured threats, this kind of threat is caused by experienced hackers who use sophisticated threatening tools to steal your data. They can also break the confidential government information and penetrate the network easily. 


External threats: Strangers who are not working in the top IT companies in Delhi access their computers to extract the information and sell to the third party. They penetrate into the system via the internet. 


Internal threats: This kind of threat is caused by the employees who know how to access the system and extract the data. 

Common Security Measures that Every IT company in Delhi should Use it:



Safeguard your Wi-Fi: IT companies in Delhi Wi-Fi must be safeguarded. Which prevents cybercriminals from penetrating your network. In order to safeguard your company’s Wi-Fi, you need to install an advanced technology-based firewall which encrypts your data that passes through the network. 


Use a VPN: A virtual private network adds an effectively prevent layer of security to your browsing data. Never share the confidential files of the business via unsecured and public networks. It is advisable to install a virtual private network and use that network for exchanging data. Many top IT companies in Delhi establish their own VPN to prevent their data from hackers. 


Educate employees: As we have said above, issues in network security can be caused by the employees who don’t know how to access the data of the company. So, before hiring the employees, it is advisable to give them 2 weeks training on network security. You have to tell them never to leave an account on an open computer, never share files via a public network, never download the malicious files and update the software when needed. 


Final Say:


An advanced network security implementation in the IT company in Delhi is very important. Doing tasks under the umbrella gives you peace of mind. Because security is a long-term issue for the companies, if they need solutions, they can contact WN infotech. We can give you the best network security solutions that allow them to exchange, download, and use the data without worrying about intruders. 


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