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How Companies Use Machine Learning? 

Overview of machine learning 


It is needless to say, the IT companies in Delhi and other corporate departments are using AI and machine learning like a storm. This technology has revolutionized the IT sector completely.  It enhances the scalability of the business and improves business operations and functionality. In recent years Artificial intelligence and machine learning have gained huge acceptance in the businesses. Factors such as data storage, accurate execution, growing volumes, easy availability of data have increased the importance of machine learning. 


To help you get started with Machine Learning, just see how one of the top companies of the world is using this technology. 



If a user posts a photo on twitter.  But, if a thumbnail is not cropped in the right manner, it will not be seen by anyone. With the help of the neural network twitter is trying to resolve this problem. Its algorithm uses machine learning to learn how to crop-photos without compromising with its qualities. With a few tries they will get the solution by considering machine learning in this process. 




As we all know Apple smartwatch series are one of the most advanced technology based smartwatches and highly popular. Apple smartwatch 4 comes with an impressive feature heatbeat track which even records the ECG of a wearer. In recent years you will see that same smartwatch will come with the music playlist, bluetooth, mobile payment option. And all thanks to machine learning technology. 




Target company had a very surprising moment to share when they launched baby products to a teeneger with the help of machine learning technology. Agreed, that’s so weird to find out the consumer behaviour with the help of technology. With the help of machine learning, the company was able to find out the requirement of the clients on their recently purchased products and their search inquiry. And then suggest them the products that suit their requirements. 




When it comes to renowned and trustworthy e-commerce platforms, Amazon comes at the top place. How do they do that? They use all advanced levels of technologies in their business to improve the business growth and achieve 100% customers’ satisfaction. The home of amazon is customized on the basis of their past customers, search engine only the result related to the recent query and chat box is available to help customers round the clock. And behind these services there is one technology: machine learning. 


Though it is true that, machine learning has replaced humans and human interaction. But, top IT companies of Delhi or top companies of the world like twitter, facebook and Amazon have taken their business to the next level. 


Benefits of machine learning;

Customer lifetime value prediction:

Customer lifetime value prediction are some of the complex challenges that are often faced by marketers . Machine learning and deep mining help marketers to predict consumer behaviour and help them send products and services that perfectly match with their requirements. 


Detecting spam:

This technology easily detects the spams that come via email, messages, and it filters out the spams easily. By using neural network companies easily detect spam and phishing emails. 


Medical diagnosis:


Machine learning has not only helped IT companies in Delhi, but also revolutionized the health sector. It helps health clinics to record the patient’s history, predict readmissions, and identify high-risk patients. 


Final Say:


We hope this comprehensive guide on machine learning helps you a lot. If you want to improve business growth and achieve 100% customers’ satisfaction, then take the help of machine learning. You can hire the best IT company in Delhi like WN Infotech who offer you the best machine learning services to their valuable clients. 


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